New & Improved Wedding Packages for 2018!

New & improved wedding packages have launched for 2018 and the remainder of the 2017 calendar year! Here’s a quick overview of some of the upgrades.

Albums for Everyone!

Every package now includes a handcrafted album so your memories are permanent for sharing intimately with family, friends, and one another. In an otherwise digital world, there’s very little permanence to priceless memories if images are not backed up. Backups are something we take seriously here at Jordan Bush Photography, and we feel there is no better solution than enjoying photographs in print outside the confines of a computer screen held warmly in your own two hands.

Wedding_Photography_Album_Leather_Jordan_Bush_Photography_3 New & Improved Wedding Packages for 2018! Wedding_Photography_Album_Leather_Jordan_Bush_Photography_4 New & Improved Wedding Packages for 2018!

Wedding-Album-KISS-Books-Jordan-Bush-Photography_19 New & Improved Wedding Packages for 2018!

New Starting Package!

For smaller, more intimate weddings, there is a new, highly affordable starting package dedicated to meeting simpler needs with shorter coverage durations while still including a handcrafted album! You can maintain a high quality experience and guarantee gorgeous photographs that will endure for the rest of our lives without cutting corners.

Refined Destination Wedding Options

For domestic destination weddings, options are now streamlined to accommodate for many of the questions that arise in traveling for your big celebration.

lancaster-philadelphia-pa-wedding-photographer-2-1024x681 New & Improved Wedding Packages for 2018!

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